Volume Icon

Volume Icon aims to be a lightweight volume control that sits in your systray. It is often used in conjuction with the lightweight tint2 panel/taskbar.


Installation from source

sudo make install

Compile-time configuration

    Enables notifications, this adds a dependency for libnotify >= 0.5.0.
    By default Volume Icon will be built with ALSA as its backend. Note that it
    is not possible to build with both ALSA and OSS support at the moment, so
    using this flag will disable ALSA support.
    Location of soundcard.h, defaults first to the value specified in
    /etc/oss.conf. If that does not exist it defaults to
    Set the default mixer application, defaults to alsamixer.



0.5.1 - Mar 2, 20150.5.0 - Feb 25, 20130.4.6 - Feb 5, 20120.4.5 - Nov 9, 20110.4.4 - Oct 25, 20110.4.3 - Aug 5, 20110.4.0 - Jun 12, 20110.2.0 - Mar 20, 2010